KARACHI - The MQM Coordination Committee on Saturday alleged that the ANP was bent upon subverting peace in Karachi by killing innocent Mohajirs.

The committee warned that it would not be subjugated by any form of terrorism and would not allow a reign of terror to descend on Karachi.

The committee said that ANP leaders claimed they had come to Karachi for earning livelihood, but it was glaringly obvious to the people of Karachi that they were involved in terrorism, loot, plundering and unlawful occupation of properties.

The committee further said that innocent people were being killed in Karachi by ANP terrorists in connivance with bands of hardened criminals.

Traders, shopkeepers, industrialists, businesspersons and general public were greatly perturbed by the activities of the marauding bands of criminal.

The committee said that the killings of the Mohajirs had started in a planned manner and there was no one to give them protection. The committee called upon the Mohajirs to get united for their survival.