The widely reported offer of 5000 MW of electricity by India to Pakistan which has been accepted is nothing less than the saying “Humari Jotian humara Sar”. It is shameful for Pakistan to accept buying of power illegally generated on our three Western rivers by scores of dams built by India while we failed to build a single mega-dam in four decades.  We would thus lose the rationale of Kashmir being our part. While we fail dismally to generate enough power on our rivers in Kashmir,  India goes ahead by harnessing our rivers in occupied Kashmir by generating tens of thousands MW of power with enough to spare for selling to Pakistan to tide over our  power woes. Tomorrow they can offer wheat to Pakistan when our crops fail due to impounding of our river waters in occupied Kashmir.  The Pakistan People Party government is primarily responsible for this shameful position of Pakistan that signally failed to protect our water rights.


Lahore, March 29.