PESHAWAR – Former ameer Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Qazi Hussain Ahmad said on Saturday that he saw no prospect of success in peace talks between the US and Afghan Taliban unless the Taliban chief Mulla Omer was taken on board.

Expressing his views in a ‘Meet the Press’ programme arranged by Peshawar Press Club, he urged the government to immediately detach itself from the ongoing war on terror, as both Pakistan and the US have their separate interests in the region. He added that America never wants a sovereign and stronger Pakistan against the rival India in the region.

He said the government should devise the future strategic plans without bowing towards external pressure, adding that the Pak-Iran gas pipeline project should be proceeded in the interest of the masses and country as it would be helpful in addressing the prevailing energy crisis across the country.

Flanked by Asif Luqman, he said it was not clear in the recommendations of the Parliament Committee on National Security that if the US drone attacks were not stopped after the restoration of Nato supply then what would be the next step of the government in this regard. “Declaring 2012 as a year of election, Qazi Hussain Ahmad stressed the need to bring awareness among the masses to know their responsibility in pooling his/her vote, and bring a sincere leadership into power. He maintained that Pakistan had been come across of several crucial crisis and but even then the rulers were failed to control the menace of corruption in institutions.

“It is need of the hour to provide a sincere and competent leadership to the country that could takes bold and hard decisions in the in the interest of the country, he remarked adding as the country has rich of numerous natural resources but unfortunately we could utilized it for the benefit of the masses.

About the Karachi violence, he blamed that both the US and India were involved in destroying the peace of a city which play a role of backbone in the economy of the country. The prosperity, development and peace of Karachi is a guarantee for the prosperity of the entire country, he said while certain foreign elements having nefarious designs against the country, used both the ANP and MQM against each other in which they are targeting the party workers and take their political interests, he added. About the ongoing information regarding the Taliban negotiations with the US, Qazi said that Taliban were a reality and until and unless Mulla Omer, chief of Taliban, was not taken on board the success of peace talks would remain a dream of the aggressor forces.

To a query, he said that masses should know their friends and foes, as no one has much power to compete the masses. He said the masses could change their destiny themselves. He also stressed upon media to perform their role in awakening the masses regarding the use of their votes.