ISLAMABAD – Senator Rabbani, Chairperson of the Parliamentary Committee on Constitutional Reforms, was given a tribute by a zealous audience of young activists from different parts of the country, thrilled to benefit from a rare opportunity of meeting and getting to know more about him and his achievements. The event was organised by various civil society organisations including Mehergarh: A Centre for Learning, Baacha Khan Educational Trust Foundation, Centre for Peace and Civil Society, Council for Social Sciences, Interactive Resource Centre, Preview Productions and Women Organisation for Rights and Development. The event was hosted by Dr Fouzia Saeed, social activist and author of ‘Taboo’ and ‘Working with Sharks’ and the renowned Sarmad Sultan Khoosat.

The event included clips from Mian Raza Rabbani’s school life and his early political career. It was rejuvenating for the young audience to be able to relate to and connect with such bright political icon as Mian Raza Rabbani. Special Guests of the event included Senator Afrasiab Khattak, Dr Abdul Maalik Baloch and Mr. I.A Rehman. It was especially heartening to witness senior politicians of our country talk about another politician from a different party line with utmost respect and integrity.

The event also included video comments of young leaders from all over the country, appreciating his efforts. ‘He has proved that all politicians are not corrupt’ said Mr. I.A Rehman. Senator Afrasiab Khattak stated that ‘by bringing all political parties on board regarding the eighteenth constitutional amendment and creating the precedent that for the country’s interest our political parties can rise above party lines, our nation is truly blessed to have leaders like Mian Raza Rabbani’. At the occasion Dr. Abdul Maalik Baloch announced that for his contribution to the rights of the Baloch, Raza Rabbani will be presented with the prestigious Ghaus Bazinjo Award from Balochistan.

A booklet “ Mian Raza Rabbani: A National Hero” containing articles from his friends and colleagues, his writings, his legislation and other material was also launched at the event by Mehergarh. It was presented to Mian Raza Rabbani along with a bouquet by Khadija Ali and Veerji Kohli of Mehergarh Youth Consortium. The event concluded with certificate distribution to thirty trainees of Mehergarh’s Advanced Leadership Course on ‘Democracy and Devolution’. The certificates were presented by Mian Raza Rabbani himself to the trainees of the course. The tribute helped to inform the younger generation of the political and democratic struggles in Pakistan. It also helped to inculcate a sense of ownership of the political revolution in Pakistan so that a spirit of political activism is induced in our generation. The event concluded with a celebration in which the young activists danced to the beat of a Sindhi Folk song in spirit of the eighteenth constitutional amendment and devolution.