ISLAMABAD - Owing to poor transport facilities, the commuters of twin cities have been facing great difficulties to reach their destinations.

A survey carried out by INP reveals that a large number of people could be seen waiting for vehicles at various public transport stops. Moreover, vehicles are packed with passengers more than capacity.

The private and government employees come across great difficulties in reaching their offices in time owing to poor public transport facilities in the twin cities.

On the other hand, taxis drivers are fleecing people on the pretext of running it on petrol especially during three-days of CNG stations closure under government load management schedule.

Female passengers suffer the most as they have to wait for hours at public transport stops due to low number of seats reserved for female commuters.

Commuters complained that vehicles which operate on public transport routes are very limited in number as compared to ever-increasing number of commuters.

The citizens demanded federal government and the provincial government to devise reasonable transportation facility for common man traveling between the twin cities.

They said a long term plan was needed as the demand for transport is on the increase and the present road capacity would not be enough to bear the transport load.