The historic verdict given by Apex Court has exposed the RPPs, fleecing common man of country to the maximum extent. The decision has rightly sealed their fate once and for all. The ruling reviewed that the matter was moved by the parliamentarians.

Supreme Court declared at least six RPPs contracts as illegal and said the entire matter regarding the RPPs was needed to be reviewed thoroughly again.

The ruling narrates that National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) failed to accomplish its responsibilities.  The Pakistan Electric Power Company (PEPCO), power generation companies and WAPDA dealt heavy loss to the nation.

Large-scale embezzlements were carried out in rental power projects (RPPs) including Sharqpur, Rashma, Karkey and Gulf Power Projects. Heavy responsibility has been put on the shoulders of parliamentarians to deal with the issue of RPPs. It is hoped that something positive will come out from parliament this time for the welfare of the masses who are crying loudly under overcharged electricity bills.


Islamabad, March 31.