I grew up learning that cleanliness was part and parcel of our religion but today my children are being told ‘stains are good’ just because one particular brand of washing powder claims of having the power to remove all kinds of stains.

One soft drink company is teaching the youth of today to lie to their moms. Consider  an advertisement where when one mother asks her son to take him to tailor shop but the son lies to her that his friend is visiting him to have tasty 'Parathas'. With the ongoing electricity loadshedding for long hours throughout the country, this is how companies are selling their products: One refrigerator manufacturing company even claims about a refrigerator that works without electricity. Likewise, mobile phone companies are also not lagging behind. One mobile connection providing company is offering "generator" (to get rid of electricity loadshedding) to its subscribers through lucky draw on loading as many scratch cards as possible.

And last but not the least, an international chocolate manufacturing company is promoting its brand with the help of loadshedding -- thanks to power ministry of Pakistan -- which is being broadcast throughout the country everyday. Electricity in the advertisement goes off at the last ball of the last over of one day cricket match. And the youths celebrate the match victory when they see the fireworks behind their house. Do we have any moral values left?


Karachi, March 30.