KARACHI – Karachi Transport Action Committee office-bearers Mohammad Ashraf Banglori, Chaudhry Mazhar Hussain, Tanzeem Khan and Nazeer Banglori have expressed concern over the raise in traffic fines and asked the caretaker government to abolish the decision raising such fines.

In a statement, the KTAC leaders said that raise in traffic fines would further increase corruption.

They said that traffic police have been tormenting taking bribe from transporters by threatening them of enforcing heavy fines.

The traffic could be streamlines in the city if traffic police perform their duties honestly. Traffic jams are also on the rise in the city due to absent of traffic policemen. There is need to bring reforms in traffic police and make it transparent.

They said that traffic police is responsible for traffic violations in Karachi; hence, it would be good to correct traffic police rather than raising fines so that transport violations could be ended in the city. They demanded the government to undo hike made in this regard to facilitate their business.