ISLAMABAD  - Defence Minister Khawaja Asif on Monday reiterated his government's offer to airlift Pervez Musharraf's ailing mother to Pakistan from UAE. Speaking in the National Assembly session, he said "We can bring Musharraf's mother back to Pakistan by air ambulance. There will be a heavy price if we start showing leniency to criminals." "There is neither any pressure nor we will accept any in this case," he said.

His comments came as a Special Court indicted the former military ruler for the imposition of emergency rule in Nov 2007 and suspending the Constitution.

The court also ruled that it was government's jurisdiction to lift travel ban on the 70-year-old Musharraf.

"We will accept and comply with the court order. Law is equal to all. Musharraf is a criminal," he stated.

The Defence Minister said that those who voted in favour of the emergency rule would also be taken to task.

The judiciary has turned our dream into reality about the rule of law, he added.