Nawaz Sharif has fulfilled some pre-election promises, however many people are still looking hopefully at the commitments, yet to be fulfilled. Loans for youth, provision of laptops and internship programs are few of the initiatives that has held up the government’s credibility, to an acceptable level, and we all hope the best is still to come.

The new laptop scheme has been handed over to Higher Education Commission (HEC). Since federal government has handed this scheme to HEC it has specified criteria for eligibility of the students to receive these laptops. All the universities have asked the students to provide necessary documents, which would make them eligible, for this scheme. According to ‘PM Laptops Scheme’, students registered with HEC recognized Universities, all masters and doctoral students, and 50% under-graduates would be entitled to receive laptops. Amazingly for a scheme which should benefit poor students, HEC has ignored all government colleges. Why would anyone give free laptops to the students who can afford tuition fee in millions and already have laptops?

Eligibility should not depend on which college you go to but what salary bracket your parents fall in. I believe that the students in government colleges and commerce colleges are smarter, more intelligent, studious and hardworking despite limited facilities, opportunities and support.

So, awarding laptops to students of Universities, which HEC wants to is unfair. I, on behalf of master students studying at government colleges and commerce colleges, request the chairperson Mariam Nawaz, (Chairman), HEC and authorities concerned to expand the criteria of laptops to government colleges and commerce colleges as well so that financially estranged, but brilliant students, more deserving students may also get these laptops. It will not only encourage them to be effective professionally but will break the sense of discrimination, injustices and negligence.

The number of students studying at Master in different government colleges and commerce colleges is not a big vote bank for PML-N, however awarding them may help the government to meet the claims for educated and well equipped Pakistan.


Peshawar, March 27.