Daily Mail

Cardiff, UK-When seven people got free meals at a Cardiff diner by completing its challenge of eating a 69oz mixed grill in only one hour - the owner decided to beef up his menu to defeat his customers.

Restaurant boss Paul Stevens has created an entire menu of 40 different Man Vs Food mega-meals. Father of one Mr Stevens, 53, beefed up his Desperate Dan-style cuisine to include a giant 96oz rump steak, a 6 ½ pound ‘baby’ burger weighing more than a sack of potatoes, ‘suicide’ chicken wings covered in hot chilli sauce and a selection of giant desserts. He even serves up scorpion, ants and meal worms.

Inspired by the US television programme Man vs Food, Paul, he claims to have the only restaurants in Britain providing an entire menu catering for food challenges. He has even bought the brand name Man vs Food Limited.Twenty stone Mr Stevens, who runs Sizzle And Grill in Cardiff, South Wales, said: ‘We don’t think anything on our menu is weird - we just started to introduce a cow pie that the Dandy character Desperate Dan eats and we have a proper bowl which is two-foot in diameter. ‘What we do know that it is very rare to have a whole menu dedicated to Man vs Food challenges.

The only thing we do not do is starters because that would be too much. ‘We even cater to vegetarians and have a Kids vs Food challenge. There is an even sign outside that says our place is ‘the home of Man vs Food’.

‘One party pre-ordered our suicide wings and I made them aware of how hot they were - but they added another ten portions. The more you tell them not to do it, the more they want to. I am not sure why I do it. It is certainly fun watching people do them but it is also heart breaking as well. Sometimes people get 45 minutes into a challenge and it looks like they are going to do it but then they hit the wall. One guy had 15 minutes left and about 2 bites left. He just could not do it and it would have saved him £60.’

Mr Steven’s 69oz mixed grill challenge consists of a steak, two pieces of gammon, five pork chops, half a chicken, four sausages, two eggs, mushrooms, peas, a side salad and a bowl of chips. But amazingly one diner managed to complete the meal in 22 minutes.

The menu has since progressed to include dishes such as a £29.99 Orgasma Burger; a tower of five steak burgers, five chicken burgers, with 15 other layers of salad, onion rings, chillies, mushrooms and ham.

All the burgers, bought from the butchers next door to the restaurant are freshly made daily with a mixture of minced steak, cracked black pepper, caramelised onion and no other additives.

The Po boy - a two-feet long sandwich - comes in meat or fish whilst diners have the chance to down 75 chicken wings in 30 minutes or a giant sausage sandwich called The Widowmaker.

Desserts include a six litre bucket of ice cream and a giant banana split featuring six bananas. So far the cooked-to-order 96oz steak at £69.00 and the £34.99 6 ½ pound double cheese Baby Burger are to yet be eaten within an hour.