LAHORE  - Trade Development Authority of Pakistan Chief Executive S.M Muneer along with Pakistan Tanners Association central chairman Sheikh Saqib Saeed Masood and Ghufran Memon, Consul General Pakistan in Hong Kong Ghufran Memon, inaugurated the Pakistan pavilion at Hongkong Convention& Exhibition Centre, Wanchai, Hongkong.

It was the first inauguration of the national pavilion organised by the PTA in collaboration with TDAP & Consulate General of Pakistan, Hong Kong by the newly appointed Chief Executive, TDAP.

A large number of businessmen, professionals, traders and the representatives of Pakistan Tanners Association (PTA) led by its Chairman Sheikh Saquib Saeed Masood attended the ceremony.

The TDAP Chief Executive S.M Muneer, on this occasion, said that that 80 member exporters of finished leather, leather garments, footwear gloves, made-ups, products are displaying their finest and innovative quality products in finished forms to the respective booths in Hong Kong and TDAP has provided a viable platform for showcasing their products to attract the foreign buyers during the fair to enable the exporters to achieve the desired objectives for their participation in world mega leather event.

Pakistan Tanners Association Central Chairman Sheikh Saqib Saeed Masood also shared his views on this auspicious occasion, saying that it is a great opportunity for PTA’s member participants to take maximum advantage from this event by getting maximum share of Chinese markets to expand the trade volume with China. He appreciated the PTA for arranging this beautiful national pavilion with all facilities in collaboration with the consulate general of Pakistan, Hongkong to promote the country’s exports.

He said that a total of number 80 companies from Pakistan are attending the APLF in Hong Kong that will last on April 2, 2014. The fair is seen as the major international show for the Pakistan’s tanners with existing and new buyers attending from all over the world, particularly from Asia.

Speaking at the occasion, Ghufran Memon, the Consul General Pakistan in Hong Kong said that Pakistan was producing excellent quality leather and lather goods, which are highly competitive in the world markets. He hoped that Pakistan pavilion would prove to be a point of attraction for buyers.

Sheikh Masood, the Chairman PTA appreciated the co-operation extended by the Consulate General of Pakistan in Hong Kong in organizing PTA pavilion at the APLF.