The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) supporting the government-Taliban dialogues for the restoration of lasting peace in the larger national interests, declared PTI Vice Chairman Shah Mehmood Qureshi.

Addressing a news conference at Jinnah house on Monday, Shah Mehmood claimed that the government was following agenda of PTI for holding peace talks, adding that dialogue was the best way to understand the viewpoint of Taliban and bring end to terror activities in the country.

The PTI stalwart was of the opinion that both the sides should try to hold result-oriented talks for maintaining peace and weeding out the menace of terrorism from gross-roots level. The PTI, he said, would continue its support to government for making the dialogues a complete successful. “At this critical juncture we don’t want to create hurdle or any problem for the government, since the PTI leadership has been making strenuous efforts to bring about peace and don’t have any interest and hidden agenda,” he elaborated.

The PTI vice president said that the PTI would not build any pressure on the present government in a bid to give it an easy way to struggle with full devotion and dedication to resolve prolonged perturbing problems, especially curb the menace of crippling energy crisis and skyrocketing price hike in the country.

PTI Central Deputy General Secretary Umer Dar and local leaders Usman Dar, Khawaja Arif Ahmed, Shamshad Ahmed Bajwa and Shah Nawaz Cheema were also present on the occasion.

Qureshi said that it was not the right time to do the politics of protest, saying that at present, the country could not bear the politics of protest.

He regretted that though the value of rupees was increased against US Dollar, its trickle-down effect could not reach to the common man. He asked the PML-N government to take concrete measures to reduce the power tariff, curb the menace of the skyrocketing price hike and unemployment, besides, controlling the electricity pilferage and line losses.

He said that interference by any country in Pakistan internal issues was not in the favour of the country. He announced that the PTI would take part in the detailed discussions on national security policy during an important meeting of Foreign Relations Committee scheduled to be held at Islamabad on April 4, 2014.

Qureshi asked the government to ensure protection of journalists in the country and take special measures to protect their rights.