LAHORE - Lahore University of Management and Science teacher and former legal advisor to ministry of foreign affairs Syed Sikandar Shah delivered a special lecture on how to combat with the challenges related to international laws at 9th Fellowship Programme held on Monday.

The fellowship programme was held under the aegis of Research Society of International Law (RSIL) where a large number of legal experts and scholars took part.

In the first session of the program, Professor Sikandar presented different cases, and specially shed light over dialogue between government and Loango state in the perspective of international laws.

In the second session, Advocate Amna Warsi and RSIL vice-president addressed the participants and explained about international law of territories while taking Kashmir as a case study. They said Kashmir and Jonagarh issues could be resolved through an effective dialogue by certain people from the both sides.

In the third session, RSIL executive director Dr Ali Sultan briefed about ‘Riwaj’ (custom) and discussed it with different aspects. He also differentiated ‘Riwaj’ and International law. He also explained International law and Riwaj with certain examples including the decision of Peshawar High Court on drone attacks.