LAHORE  - Hameed Nizami Press Institute of Pakistan on Monday organised a sitting on “The Increasing Trend of Sensationalism in News and Media’s Professional Responsibilities.”

Food Minister Bilal Yasin presided over while HNPIP director Absar Abdul Ali was the moderator. Speakers included senior analyst Sohail Waraich, senior journalist Mustafa Taseer and educationist Adeeb Javidani.

Bilal Yasin said that majority of the news run at electronic media spread sensationalism rather than focus on real issue. He mentioned his report unveiling the corruption in Haj and Ummrah visas but none of the TV channels run that report until a TV channel through its own sources telecast it. “My report was not being focused by TVs because it was not comprised sensationalism but real facts,” he held, urging media-persons to focus on social and other real issue facing the society rather to run after the breaking news. 

As per Adeeb Javidani the sensationalism had become the demand of the society and need of the TV channels. The dead bodies were being showed at TVs and put very bad effect on children and women, he opined. Sohail Warraich held that sensationalism was a part of media and people liked it. He said that media was spreading awareness among the society and it was like a mirror. Media could not run in any country without support of the people, he said, adding the reason behind the success of media was that the people of Pakistan liked it.  Mustafa Tasser said that sensationalism was also being spread in Europe and media was incomplete without it.

Absar Abdul Ali, earlier, welcomed the guest speakers on behalf of HNPIP and introduced the topic.