ISLAMABAD -  The Centre for Profound Education (CPE) on Monday organised an Open Day to provide an opportunity to the parents of students with special needs to seek counselling with the consultant psychiatrists and physicians visiting from the United Kingdom.

A team of British consultants, including Dr Shakil J Malik, Dr Connie Meyer, Dr Andy Charlie, Dr Ann Newmark and Dr Jim Newmark, provided free consultation to the parents of children, studying at the centre. The Centre for Profound Education that works in collaboration with UK’s Innovative Medical and Development Services, caters to the special educational needs of the students with varying degrees of learning difficulties, slow learners and autistic spectrum conditions.

“We facilitate the students’ learning through the latest educational techniques backed by professional consultation, diagnosis, treatment, therapy and counselling by highly qualified psychiatrists and educationists from the United Kingdom,” Samina Iqbal, coordinator academics and administrator of the centre said on the occasion.

She said every child’s needs were different requiring Individual Educational Plans (IEPs) aimed at enhancing individual skills to enable independent living and where possible working towards mainstream schooling. She said the centre followed UK’s national curriculum as a framework guided by Glyne Gap School for special education in Sussex.

She said the curriculum was organised into blocks of years called key stages, adding at the end of every key stage each child was formally assessed to monitor progress.

Dr Shakil J Malik, senior clinical director and consultant psychiatrist Sussex Partnership at UK’s National Health Services Foundation Trust, urged the parents to be aware of their child’s special needs and provide him/her an environment that was tailored to his/her current level of mental capacity. He said the counselling of parents could help them discover, accept and respect the unique abilities of their child and enable them to develop these further. Managing Director Profound Education Associates Tanveer Afzal Chaudhry said, “At the CPE, we believe that students with special needs should be provided with equal opportunities in society.

They should be helped and enabled to their fullest potential through compassionate and individually tailored teaching and learning methods.” He said at the centre, the classroom-based activities were provided to promote sensory processing, motor skills, communication and language development.