PESHAWAR/ISLAMABAD - As the Tehreek-i-Talban Pakistan (TTP) shura on request of the government is contemplating to extend the ceasefire or otherwise, the one month-long unconditional truce announced by the TTP lapsed on Monday.

Taliban sources said the leadership was anxiously waiting for fulfilment of its demands including release of its non-combatant prisoners.

They said it had been repeatedly said that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was sincere in peace talks but practically nothing had been done so far. The TTP said that they wanted solution of the prevailing problems but no practical step had been taken in this direction. The TTP had fulfilled its commitments regarding the ceasefire, however, the government of Pakistan had done nothing except ceasing the strikes, but recovery of the bodies of TTP activists was a routine matter, sources said. The sources further added that at least 50 of TTP men had been arrested during one month operations. Keeping these circumstances in view, it was getting hard to continue with the current ceasefire, they added.

The Taliban sources said they were watching this situation silently and waiting when the government would take practical steps regarding release of its non-combatant prisoners, evacuate some of the specific areas and materialise their other demands.

The Talban sources further said that TTP had expressed its grave concern over the current state of affairs in Sindh where Pakistan People's Party (PPP) and Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) were again joining hands against them.

They blamed that both PPP and MQM were striving hard to divert the direction of the operation towards them in a bid to save the skin of their men involved in crimes. They blamed that the elements who were hardly convinced to observe ceasefire were compelled to raise their arms again. They said both PPP and MQM were against the peace talks and were endeavouring to make the process failure.

They further blamed that one of their associate in Karachi jail on last Tuesday was meted out with disgraceful treatment and forced to walk naked around. “Eighty of our prisoners have been transferred to other jails of the province thus causing hardships to their relatives to meet them,” the sources concluded.