This refers to the photograph on the front page of The Nation ,March 02,2016, 0f the showing supporters of Mumtaz Qadri Self confessed murderer of sitting Punjab Governor Late Salman Taseer in 201. Thousand and thousands of people can been seen offering funeral prayers in the photograph.

My mind traveled back almost 37 years when in the same city of Rawalpindi , when on April 05,1979, the most charismatic leader of the third world , first elected prime minister of Pakistan, chairman Islamic Council was hanged in Addiala jail at the wee hour hours after a “Judicial Murder” The man who wanted to “Rebuild hope in the future,” but his future the hope of millions of poor man in the street for whom he wanted to build a system in which the common man the poor “Can tell me to go to the hell” was hanged and his body was flown to Ghari Khuda Buksh to be buried in his ancestors graveyard under the cover of darkness, with his wife and daughter of the East under house arrest and his sons living in a forced exile, and the followers in millions were barred to attend the funeral, the poor of the country , for whom he had gone smilingly to the gallows, leaving behind a legacy a legacy not to bow head before the enemies of the poor and democracy.

The photograph of his funeral prayers taken by some unknown photographers surfaced few years back speaks volumes of disrespect and apathy of our leadership towards a man who was an institution by himself. The man who carried great respect and honor among the democratic loving countries of the world and had a very special status in the Muslim world, the man who gave this country a constitution, who made it possible to get all the heads of the Muslim countries under one roof in Lahore in the name of Islamic Conference, who initiated the process of accruing nuclear capabilities for not only for the country but for the entire Muslim world, his funeral prayers were offered in the darkness with only few people who could be counted on fingers.

But a Self confessed murderer of a sitting governor , the man who committed murder in brought day light, who took the law in his own hands and who was hanged in the same Addiala jail , was granted a funeral in which thousands and thousands of people were allowed to attend. What a double standard? On the other hand the man whose “Judicial murder” is still a big question mark in the judicial history of the world and whose presidential reference is pending before the honorable supreme court was denied even a decent burial.


Lahore, March 3.