There is a very pertinent verse about water in the Holy Quran that draws our attention to the serious issue of water in verse 50 of (Surah Furqan-25).

50. “And We have distributed the (water) amongst them, in order that they may celebrate (Our) praises, but most men are averse (to-ought) but (Rank) ingratitude.”

(Translation by Allama Abdullah Yusuf Ali)

We had made a water distribution Accord in 1991 which was a feather in Mian Sahib’s cap to settle an issue on water distribution between provinces in all future storages but a quarter century have elapsed since then when no water storage dam has been built. No name was given to the dam to avoid disagreement between provinces. Allah Almighty has used the word (Rank) ingratitude for people who do not distribute water as provided to them. Hence such people are guilty of (kufran-i-Naimat) which can draw the wrath of Allah Almighty. It is time to be grateful to Allah about distribution of water decided by the people of Pakistan. Do we qualify for the charge of (Rank) ingratitude is a point to ponder upon by our leaders and the people of Pakistan?


Lahore, March 4.