It refers to your story’ Upper age limit for SPSC’ (March 15). In the recent policy for CCE 2018 exams , the instructions that SPSC lays down are outrageous and hard to gauge. A plethora of facts assemble together to make the new age-policy reprehensible. 

Interestingly, the new policy itself is itself paradoxical: while upper age is prescribed as 32 years, only those who are 31 years and 3 months old can apply for this exam since the upper age is set according to September 2018. This kind of ineptness withdraws 9 months and reduces the age from 32 to 31. Relatively, the laudable policy of the FPSC, laying down the upper age limit until 31st December before CSS exams, desperately needs to be emulated. 

Secondly, belated exams with a gap of every five years make a reasonable ground for at least five years general relaxation. In view of sluggishness, the Balochistan Public Service Commission grants 10 years age-relaxtion to candidates. 

Certainly, the performance of the other Public Commissions stands above par: They hold exams annually and announce the advertisements frequently. Particularly, the PPSC published 60 job advertisements last year, while the SPSC notified only three and whose exams which are yet to be conducted. Thereby, It deems to be the sole reason of a burgeoning unemployment in Sindh. Hence, it turns down the new age-policy. 

Notably, during the erstwhile exams of CCE2013, the government showed its generosity to approve the uniform age relaxation. Once again considering the prevailing situation and echo of candidates’ plea, the government must lift the burden of age from 32 to 35 to make fair-play for all. 


Hyderabad, March 17.