Barrister Aitzaz Ahsan on Saturday wrote a letter to the son of chief justice of Pakistan to thank him for paying Rs10,000 fine on his behalf. PPP leader Aitzaz Ahsan also returned the money to Najam Saqib, the son of CJP Mian Saqib Nisar.  “You paid sum of Rs10,000 on my behalf for the fine imposed on me and which was without prior notice for not appearing in the court during hearing of a case on March 9. That was very kind of you” said Mr Ahsan in his letter.   He wrote that he was allowed general adjournment by the CJP while the imposition was without notice.  Ahsan returned the sum of the fine through a cheque No 64099537 as reimbursement of the amount without notice, said the letter.  A three-member bench headed by CJP Saqib Nisar had imposed the fine on Aitzaz Ahsan during hearing of a case against formula manufacturing companies at the Supreme Court Lahore registry.   On the next day when Aitzaz Ahsan appeared before the bench he lodged protest against imposition of fine on him but the CJP refused to withdraw the fine and observed on a lighter note that he (Mr. Ahsan) would have to pay the fine or he himself would pay the same.  Later, during hearing of the same case, the CJP observed that his son Najam had paid the fine sum on behalf of his uncle (Aitzaz Ahsan) and showed him the receipt of the amount which

was paid to Fatmid Foundation, a blood donating organisation. –Staff Reporter


Call for new strategic institute

Chairman pf Pakistan Awami    Inqilab   Prof  Aftab    Lodhi has called for establishment of a  new  strategic security organisation in Pakistan on the lines of Pentagon to  counter international challenges.  In a statement, he said that establishment of a Strategic Institute like Pentagon in Pakistan free of political string pulling was of vital importance.  “US is mounting constant pressure on Pakistan because of lack of proper planning, foresight, diplomatic vision and a void of adequate leadership on our part”, he observed.   Lodhi said it was a daydream of America that by stopping Pakistan's defense aid and coalition support fund, they could force Pakistan to dance to her tunes. He said that Pakistan had already suffered a lot of damage as ally in the US war on terror and it would be a serious mistake to antagonize Afghan Taliban and Haqqani Network. He said US could not defeat the Afghan Taliban despite her full military might and now wanted to push Pakistan into the cobweb of new US-Afghan war. –Staff Reporter