The Christian community is celebrating Easter today (Sunday). 

Special prayers and ceremonies will be held in all churches across the country, while children will perform religious singing.

Meanwhile, Government has announced optional holiday for the members of Christian Community on the occasion of "Day after Easter" today.

Punjab Chief Minister has also greeted Christians on Easter; In his message to Christians “We equally share pleasures on this event. Easter teaches to spend time with helpless and needy persons and share pleasures with them.

“Easter represents the emotion of inclination in human life towards good qualities and goodness.”

His message read: “Respecting all prophets is our religious duty. Believing in all prophets is part of Islam. The role of Christians in the development of Pakistan is praiseworthy and this community is playing an active role in the development of Pakistan. 

He said minorities are being provided equal opportunities to enter the national mainstream.

He said Pakistan needs harmony among all religions to resolve the problems the country is currently facing. “On this event we should resolve to spread the message of love and brotherhood. Followers of all religions should work jointly for making Pakistan prosperous,” he added.