OKARA-A girl was raped at gunpoint, forced into a marriage and then was refused to be accepted as legal wife after giving birth to a child of the rapist.

According to B-Division police, the rape victim, daughter of Sharif, resident of Street 7, Sabri Colony was alone at home on March 15, 2017 when suspect Asghar, son of Suleiman entered the house and raped her at gunpoint. The girl told her parents about the incident and they decided to submit a report to the police. But Suleiman, suspect's father came, flattered the girl's parents and offered them to marry the girl with Asghar. They agreed but Asghar and his father delayed so much that the girl became seven months pregnant.

Her family submitted an application to a local magistrate on October 20, 2017 and got an MLC to get a case registered against Asghar. Suleiman along with his brother Iqbal approached Farzana, applicant's sister and persuaded her to convince the girl's parents for her marriage with Asghar. A fake Nikah ceremony was held and documents were signed without Ijaab-o-Qabool.

Whatever dowry the girl's family could arrange, Asghar and his family took it away, with pledge that they would hold farewell (Rukhsati) of the girl after the birth of child. Asghar then visited the girl's house and consummated the marriage. She gave birth to a baby girl on January 10, 2018 who was named as Dua Fatima.

After a few days, the girl's parents demanded Asghar and his family to take her to their home which they refused, saying that it was a Nikah ceremony and that they did not acknowledge the girl as their daughter-in-law. They also refused to accept the newborn as their family child. The girl's family then got a case registered against Asghar and his family at A-Division police station.