LAHORE - The birthday of Hazrat Ali (RA) was marked with religious solemnity on Saturday. Police have augmented security to maintain peace during the event. 

The provincial police chief Arif Nawaz issued directives to guard at least 680 processions and sittings held in connection with the Birthday of Hazrat Ali (RA).  According to police extra troops were deployed to maintain peace while security monitoring was ensured through CCTV cameras.

The officers during the conference also reviewed the important cases related to terrorism, murder, kidnapping for ransom and dacoity. The police were also directed to step up crackdown on the most wanted criminals and proclaimed offenders.  The police chief directed the RPOs that in view of threat alerts, the police should launch search, combing, and intelligence based operations in all districts. He said that there should be a strict vigilance over activities of defunct organizations and individual placed in the fourth schedule of the anti-terrorism act.  Arif Nawaz Khan also directed the field officers that policemen deployed on security duties should be briefed carefully about the importance of duty and sensitivity with respect to current circumstances so that they would perform their duties enthusiastically and diligently.