islamabad- The Millennial Olympiad 2018 kicked off with a bang at the Flagship Millennium Campus I-9/3, Islamabad on Friday.

A three-day mega event was inaugurated sponsoring several competitions and 1000 plus participants from over 20 institutions and 10 cities taking part in 20 exciting competitions which include live art, debating, dramatics, chess, gaming, table tennis, wall climbing, photo essay, fashion, film making, singing, law moot court and creative writing. The Millennium Olympiad 2018 is an initiative of the ambitious and enthusiastic students of Roots Millennium Schools’ Millennium Campus I-9/3, Islamabad. It is a platform on which participant students from across the country have registered and the platform allowed them to prove their mettle within various domains of co and extracurricular activities. The opening ceremony was presided over by the honourable Chaudhry Faisal Mushtaq TI, Chief Executive Roots Millennium Schools and The Millennium University College TMUC, Pakistan. He pronounced the aim of the Millennial Olympiad 2018 is to inspire youth to help shape the world based on justice, solidarity, liberty, dignity, harmony and prosperity for all. During his respected address, he appreciated the initiative of the students and encouraged the youth of Pakistan to become the agents of change through engagement in student initiatives on national and international forums.

Madam Muneeze Muzaffar, Principal Millennium Campus I-9/3 emphasised on the importance of producing well rounded students who not only excel in academics but outshine their peer in other talent based competitions. She said it is no secret that extracurricular activities are an important aspect of any high school experience. They allow you to branch outside of your academic interests, pursue your unique passions, and create an outward expression of your values and priorities in a way that will be of utmost importance on your college applications and future. The ceremony also included speech by the Olympiad President Ali Humza, who enthusiastically explained the three-day event. Students from IGCSE, A Levels and IBDP presented brilliant performances.

Chief Executive Roots Millennium Schools Chaudhry Faisal Mushtaq in his closing remarks stressed upon the importance of inculcating love and respect of teaching fraternity in today’s youth and also highlighted the significance of youth for their ideas, initiative and implementations. He encouraged the school environment to continue their ever-expansive support for the personal and professional development of the leaders of tomorrow, as his fiercely motivating speech enhanced the students’ spirit of patriotism and nationalism.

 “The students love every minute of the Olympiad”, says Olympiad organiser. On the one hand, we have top ranked university acceptances with full scholarships, while on the other, we love to let our students explore others areas by engaging on extracurricular activities.