KARACHI (PR): In line with its commitment to promote dairy sector of Pakistan having its deep roots in the dairy farmers’ community, Nestlé Pakistan has partnered with UVAS by signing an MoU which will focus on capacity building of farmers for enhanced development of the industry.

Under this agreement, Nestlé Pakistan will link selected farmers and share its training expertise, whereas UVAS will provide the farmers with training facilities at their training farm. This initiative is in line with sustainable development goal number 17 of formulating partnerships for achieving desired goals as this will contribute towards capacity building of farmers as they will be given hands on training at UVAS covering the major areas and advanced practices of feeding, breeding, milk quality and general management of imported cows. Nestlé Pakistan will also install drip irrigation on selected sites at UVAS’ Pattoki campus.

On signing of the MoU, Bruno Olierhoek, CEO Nestlé Pakistan, said: “Nestlé Pakistan believes in working towards development of farmer’s community as key to boosting economic growth in Pakistan.

Increasing demand for dairy and related goods and services is encouraging intensive farming, and leading to a rise in the demand for prepared feed and veterinary services. The importance of enhanced productivity in responding to burgeoning demand should not be underestimated, therefore, training in improved farming practices needs to be stressed upon. Through this initiative, we are looking for long-term outcomes by making a difference in dairy and livestock sector in Pakistan.”

Dr Talat Naseer Pasha, Vice Chancellor of UVAS, said: “This is another milestone that we have reached where we encourage development of skilled farmers to enhance the dairy farm efficiencies.I am extremely pleased about this partnership and thankful to Nestlé Pakistan for believing in this initiative where we will work together for training and research, while implementing best farming practices.”