OKARA-A transgender is keen to contest national assembly election from Okara city constituency 141 but there was no column for him in the nomination papers issued by local office of ECP.

It was surfaced by Nayab Ali, an educated activist for the rights of transgender community in Okara district. Nayab Ali told The Nation that he was interested to contest election from NA-141 constituency but when he contacted the local ECP office, District Election Commissioner Muhammad Saleem told that in the nomination papers for the candidates there was no column for the transgender community and only male and female candidates were eligible to contest the election as the candidates code of conduct had been set according to the directions of the ECP and this community had not been declared eligible to contest the elections.

"However, if there had been any amendment after some law for the purpose, the community would get legal right to participate in the election," he said.

Nayab Ali regretted that according to the figures given by Statistical Department, at least 174 transgender people were registered in the district but this strength was much higher as there was no information provided by the families of the community.

The Khawaja Sara had been given right to vote and there were special seats for technocrats and women so the transgender community had also right to contest election for their representation in the Parliament.

Nayab Ali said that the community would file a petition in court to get this basic right which the Constitution of Pakistan had furnished guarantee.