OKARA-With the summer setting in, children start falling prey to digestive disorders and gastroenteritis. Parents must keep their children clean and away from filth so they may not fall a victim of diseases.

These views were expressed by child specialist Dr Imran Gondal during a formal talk with journalists who approached him with queries concerning cure of diseases their children had been suffering from here the other day. "With the rise in mercury, parents must prevent their children from sucking ice balls, eating rotten and stale fruit," he said, adding that it could damage their health.

He said that children must be saved from heat-wave and sunlight which could lead to extreme dehydration. "To void such circumstances, parents must make their children drink always boiled water," he maintained. He advised parents to drink their children Oral Rehydration Salt, saying only then children could remain save from diseases.


The accomplishment of development work in the DHQ Hospital would ensure the availability of modern facilities for patients.

It was conveyed by the Deputy Commissioner Dr Irshad Ahmad and MPA Mian Munir while addressing Health Council at the hospital. The DMO Tahir Amin and other members of the health council were present on the occasion. They also visited Emergency Ward, Medical Ward, Surgical Ward, drug store and checked the pace of the development work. They advised the hospital staff to further improve the sanitation and cleanliness of the hospital.