LAHORE - The Punjab Safe Cities Authority provided electronic evidence data pertaining to more than 130 cases to the police for help in investigation during the month of March.

According to a spokesman for the authority, the PSCA Public Safety app also set its mark high last month thereby contributing to the recovery of five persons, three vehicles and 55 motorbikes through its Lost and Found section.

Authority’s Operations Monitoring Center secured more than 14,000 observations that warranted 6,100 cases including interception of more than 300 suspicious persons by PRU and Dolphin Squad and a thorough probing of 2,544 suspicious vehicles.

The OMC employs state of the art CCTV Surveillance Operations through the geo-strategic grid of cameras within the metropolis. The OMC managed to apprehend 412 vehicles without number plates through relevant police stations. More than 32 rallies and protests were monitored and security measures were taken during the previous month.

For Intelligent Traffic Management Services, at least 285 plus traffic-blockages were reported to CTP whereas 200 plus accidents were reported to Rescue-1122 for immediate rescue measures. At least, 395 cases were dealt with pertaining to illegal or unauthorized parking. The specifically designed ANPR enabled traffic cams observed 3,382,000 violations of traffic rules and, to redress the same, police from all divisions of Lahore was engaged accordingly.

The Rescue-15 Helpline received more than 300,000 calls, out of which 225,000 calls were determined as hoaxes and approximately 30,000 calls, with genuine concerns, the Dispatch Control Center (DCC) generated cases for further action.