As human beings, we keep four unique tools that are self-awareness, conscience, will power and creative imagination. These tools not only separate us from the animal world, but also help us to distinguish between reality and illusion, to transfer the clock into a compass, and to align our lives with extrinsic realities that govern the quality of life.

Self-awareness enables the individual to articulate his or her actions and think through to be aware of oneself. In addition to that, self-awareness enlarges the separation between stimulus and response. Self-aware allows us to reprogram ourselves out of the stimulus-response model.

Movements in psychological, education and training are to enlarge self-consciousness. Hence, most of the popular personalities tend to focus upon this particular tool.

The next tool is consciousness, which helps us to engage our intrinsic and extrinsic self. It connects us with wisdom. It is our internal life, which allows us to sense before we act, consciousness creates sensation within us and helps us amalgamate our ideas. It builds our mind`s capacity to stimulate intelligence. No matter what people’s religious, cultures or backgrounds are, their mission statement is to deal with the same basic human needs to live, to love, to learn and to live a legacy life.

One of the most important tools is will power. The power to transfer our knowledge, thoughts, and general in a scientific way. While environment or genetic influence may be very powerful, but they cannot control us, we are not victims; we are the products of our past. We are the “responsible” ones that implies the fact that we are able to choose our alternatives. The ability to choose alternatives is a reflection of our will power.

The last but not the least tool is imagination, which empowers us to create beyond our present reality.

It enables us to write our personal mission statements, set goals, plan meetings and etcetera.

Imagination creates a difference, even in the most challenging circumstances. These are such endowment tools, which make us smarter than other living organisms.


Turbat, March 11.