Cyber-crime is an unidentifiable crime nowadays. Everything is more convenient and accessible through the internet revolution, which in turn makes cybercrime growing at an unprecedented rate.

Cybercrime is an “Offense that is carried out against people or a group of people with a criminal thought process. The objective is to purposefully hurt the notoriety of the person in question or cause physical or mental damage, to the injured individual straightforwardly or by implication, utilizing current media transmission systems.

The upcoming era revolves around the cyber-war, which will leave global adversaries. The world is not proactive to counter the cyber-crimes and due to this awareness deficiency, cybercriminals are being more encouraged to harm the lives of individuals. It is the state`s fundamental responsibility to run an effective awareness campaign against cybercrime and implement precautionary measures to decrease the effect of cyber-crimes in our society.

I have not seen emphasis by the incumbent government on this particular issue yet.


Lahore, March 29.