Standing in front of the mirror one can only ponder over Allah`s creation, a woman. As a woman, I can sense the unknown pride that comes with beauty and grace. I can attribute this particular pride to many factors.

One of them being, a woman’s ability to “Reproduce”. This makes her an integral part of society`s evolution. The pride that hails from gender roles of a man or a woman for that matter is nothing but self-awareness. Pride has no substantial worth other than being a “certificate” of “superiority” for both men and women.

However, it is not easy for me to “confess” this that I am not happy with the fact that I am privileged. I am not saying this because of ingratitude. I am experiencing this bitter reality since I was a child.

As someone with everything, I could not be happy enough if there is class differentiation somewhere except my soul. I am not responsible and have no control over how men regulate their emotions though. However, as a woman, I have certain concerns. The concern towards the lesser being. I share this concern with others on a daily basis. Am I unsuitable? If I am then what about those who are neither proud of being beautiful as women nor strong as men. They are somewhere lost in this society in search of equal respect and acceptance. I am talking about the transgender community here. Those who are taboo to talk about, inappropriate to write on and disgust when called upon.

In Pakistan, blame comes from where you belong. Being transgender is their destiny but our society compels them towards low tier jobs one without respect and dignity. They are demonstrating their deprivation incompleteness because as a nation we pull their “emptiness” to that extreme where there is no option left but to open themselves up for exploitation.

I apologize to them because I am equally involved in this web of dirt created for transgender by society. It is very common to entertain transgender on signals with a change in our pockets but it is hard to accept that we can offer more.

I apologize for their condition as individuals. I regret that I was blinded by my society`s attitude towards them.

This sense of shame enhances when I see people misquoting them in their not so funny examples. I am ashamed when I see men flirting and disgusting them for their sexual orientation. I do not pity their orientation but I am sorry for being a part of this harsh society.

When I see people harassing them on roads ‘ weddings and occasions that are largely celebrated I feel so small that my privilege is nothing but a shame for me and for the rest.

I cannot rest my case by saying sorry. I believe in making a change. A substantial change for that matter. I will raise my voice not my tone to the society and tell them all that monetary help cannot fix Trans gender deprivation in Pakistan. Only education can. Education that is not for the privileges class only in fact but to the unsuitable as well. Only education can contribute to reform.

A movement to prefer books to cash donations, to implement anti-harassment laws and to recognize the transgender community as an equal part of our society.


Lahore, March 28.