One thing we all know is that a collective effort against the coronavirus is the only way out. This is even true for the most powerful states with the best healthcare systems. And a country like Pakistan cannot defeat the spread of COVID-19 if the government and people do not unify against it. The last address of the Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan suggests that the government is fully aware of this fact. His decision to establish the Corona Relief Tiger Force is a good step. The move will make the government’s plan to fight the virus more holistic.

The Tiger Force will also engage some percentage of the youth bulge. In these times, when everything has come to a standstill, engaging the youth and exploiting its energies for relief operations is the most sensible thing to do. Additionally, the relief force will help in mitigating logistical issues that people may encounter in the impending tighter lockdowns in certain areas.

It is clear that a good number of youngsters will offer their services on the call of the PM Khan. And their collaboration with state organs can provide a unique form of state-public cooperation. The local government systems in these areas would have helped manage this endeavour a little better, to organise this volunteer force and give them information about local areas more effectively, but that is not possible.

Nevertheless, it is essential to keep a few things in mind before the Tiger Force enters the fight against coronavirus. First of all, they must be well trained on the issue. They must know the burden of responsibility that will be lying on their shoulders. They will not only be protecting themselves but also others from contracting the virus. For this, the state must ensure that all the requisite protective gear is provided to them before they start their duties. We cannot put our best and brightest at risk.