KHYBER - A three-member official team of the Afghan Consulate, Peshawar, Tuesday visited Tableeghi Markaz of Landi Ko­tal and met the Afghan nationals, quar­antined there by the local administra­tion due to coronavirus.

The Afghan Consulate team compris­ing Asad Ullah Farooqi of cultural de­partment, protocol officer Shahid and representative of refugee department Hamidullah visited the centre and met with over 200 Afghan citizens stuck in Landi Kotal due to the suspension of Pak-Afghan border, Torkham, due to the threat of COVID-19.

One of the Afghan officials whose was reluctant to talk to media said that the purpose of their trip was to get in­formation the condition of their coun­trymen.

One of the Afghan citizen Aziz said that for the last more than two weeks he along with more than 200 persons including children from Af­ghan provinces of Nengarhar, Kan­doz, Hirat, Qandahar, Surkhod had be stuck in Landi Kotal and had been confined inside the premises of the Tableeghi Markez.