Minister for Federal Education and Professional Training, Shafqat Mahmood on Wednesday warned the hoarders and black marketers that government would soon take a stern action against the hoarders involved in artificial shortage of basic necessities.

Talking to a private news channel here, Shafqat Mahmood said, “The world is facing the pandemic crisis, but a few mafias are still after minting money against the food and edible items. The concerned authorities had completed a report of those involved in creating artificial shortage of food items.”

Replying to a question he said, Pakistan could never lockdown like China as it did not has as much resources as China had, but still the government had closed down all educational and religious institutions in the country, moreover the recreational places were also shutdown to contain the novel contagion, he added.

Thousands of people could not earn bread as all businesses were already closed, the government’s decision to make a Tiger force to involve the youth in providing food and ration to needy people on their doorsteps is timely initiative, he said.

The Minister Federal Education said that edible supply would not be disturbed but a long process worked behind the availability of fruits and other edibles. Hence people should not be misled by the opposition, he opined.