The outbreak of a new virus called coronavirus in China has literally started descending on the international community now.

Right now, there have been heavy fears of the coronavirus fast spreading to other countries like America, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand given that China is now encountering most travel-related activities of the year. There have been so many reports about the cause of the new virus. However, digging deep into such mysteries is very crucial at this point of juncture. In fact, such outbreaks are not new to the Asian region. Having been the hub of most of the world population, Asian countries have been largely hit by such virus outbreaks down the years.

As a person, I usually take great inspiration from the people in my native areas like Korkai, Tuticorin, Tiruchendur, Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu, who have often been visiting their doctors nearby to take care of their kith and kin proving how health-conscious they have been all along.

The World Health Organization has now been in consultation with experts and authorities concerned to take possible steps to check the spread of the new virus.