ISLAMABAD              -          The Pakistan Citizen Portal on Tuesday start­ed registration of youth volunteers for the pro­posed ‘Corona Relief Tigers Force’ announced by Prime Minister Imran Khan.

According to official sources, Special Assis­tant to Prime Minister on Youth Affairs, Mu­hammad Usman Dar, called on President Dr. Arif Alvi yesterday and briefed him about dif­ferent aspects of the programme.

On Sunday last, Dar also called on the For­eign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi and also briefed him about the formation of the youth force.

According to a press release, both the dig­nitaries exchanged views over the creation of special fund and formation of the force, an­nounced by Prime Minister Imran Khan to fa­cilitate the downtrodden segments of the soci­ety in wake of the recent coronavirus situation.

Usman Dar said that process for creation of the force had been started which would work in collaboration with district administrations to look after the affairs of quarantine centres.

In emergency situation, he said that it would also ensure uninterrupted food supply to the less-privileged people at their doorsteps.

The Foreign Minister said the tiger force was being created to mitigate the sufferings of the low-income people who were facing difficulties due to the lock-down imposed across the country.

He said the prime minister wanted to engage the youth in the fight against COVID-19, keep­ing in view their enthusiasm and efficiency that they had showed in the past at the time of natu­ral calamities like flood, earthquake and others.

Prime Minister Imran Khan had said that, the Corona Relief Tigers Force’ would help the gov­ernment and institutions in reaching out to the poor people affected by the lockdown and pro­vide them with food and other essential items.

“God forbid, if coronavirus spreads, this youth force in coordination with army and administration will reach out to the poor peo­ple,” he had said, and added that this force, besides supplying food and other essential items to the poor, will also help create aware­ness among people about self-quarantine and other safety measures.

The prime minister said the youth from all segments of society including young doctors, nurses and others can join the Corona Tiger Force. The whole operation of the force will be organized and coordinated by a data cell at the PM Office.