The Syrian regime on Tuesday claimed that Israeli fighter jets carried missile strikes in Homs province.

The SANA news agency affiliated with the Assad regime said: "At 20:25 of Tuesday, the Israeli warplanes launched a number of missiles, from over Lebanon, into the direction of eastern Homs.

"Immediately, the army air defense intercepted the hostile missiles and shot down a number of them," the news agency reported.

Israel is yet to comment on the Syrian regime's claims.

Notably, Iran-backed terror group and Lebanese Hezbollah are stationed alongside with regime forces in Homs.

Since the beginning of the Syrian civil war in 2011, Israel has launched many airstrikes on the regime's military sites and Iranian-backed groups.

Syria often reports violations of its airspace, which it frequently attributes to the Israeli Air Force. Tel Aviv occasionally admits to carrying out some of these air raids, claiming that it targets Iranian military forces allegedly stationed in the country, despite both Tehran and Damascus denying their presence.

Prior to the attack, Lebanon’s Sham FM reported that Israeli jets were spotted flying low above the country's Kesrouan province, which lies on the way between the territory of Israel and the Syrian city of Homs.