TANDO MOHAMMAD KHAN                -             Special Assistant to CM Sindh on Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities Syed Qasim Naveed Qamar has asked the ulemas and heads of seminaries to abide by the instructions issued by the Sindh government on religious congregations in view of the threat from coronavirus.

He was talking to a delegation of ulemas here at Deputy Commissioner’s (DC) Office on Tuesday.

Syed Ismail Shah Karmi, Asif Ali Qureshi Attari, Sajjad Ali, Muhammad Juman Solangi, Deputy Commissioner Yasir Bhatti and SSP Abid Ali Baloch were also present on the occasion.

He said that the Sindh government had asked the imams to offer Farz (obligatory) part of their prayers with the mosque’s staff only, and do not allow other faithful to join them.

Special Assistant to the CM Sindh on DEPD added, “Unless all segments of the society do not cooperate with the provincial government, it cannot fight against the coronavirus on its own. We have to work together in order to be successful in our war against Covid-19.”

He asked the religious scholars to create awareness in masses about the pandemic through social media.

“You should urge your followers to keep distance from one another (social distancing),” he appealed.

Another case reported:

Meanwhile, another coronavirus positive case has been reported from the city.

The case was transmitted from an infected person in the city.

According to Dr Amresh Gul, Medical Officer at DHO’s office, coronavirus test of Roshan Ali Soomro was found positive after which he was declared the second confirmed patient of the virus in the city.

Hospital sources said all family members of the latest victim of the disease had been quarantined at their home in Naseerabad Mohallah, with law enforcement agencies’ personnel standing outside his home for security.