LAHORE - Another blue-eyed of the present administration, Director General Public Relations Ghulam Mohyuddin Ahmed Wani, was shown an unceremonious exit on Friday when he was directed to report to the Services and General Administration Department for further orders. Secretary Information, Culture and Youth Affairs Department Shoaib-bin-Aziz has been given the additional charge of the post of DGPR, while the wannabes have further hasten their feverish efforts, which they had already started since Wani had requested for two-month leave a few days back. Shoaib has assumed the charge. Sources opined that Wani was considered to be part of Chief Ministers bureaucratic coterie, which seems to be losing its members one by one. The first one to go was former Secretary Communication and Works Department Fawad Hassan Fawad, who was 'laid off by sending him on one-month leave after he developed differences with father-son duo from Southern Punjab. Wani is hugely disturbed at the abrupt end to his stint as DGPR, and have intentions of going to Islamabad instead of serving here, said the source, while adding that Wani should have been given leave as he had requested for this, which would have been respectable for him at least. How can you run administration if you keep on throwing your trusted men out? questioned the source. While reasoning out Wanis exit, the source confided that this was primarily due to the annoyance of Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif, who had been unhappy with Wani for quite some time now. Wani This (DGPRs job) is not your cup of tea, source quoted the CM, when the latter had shown his displeasure over the media coverage. After this, Wani requested for sending him on two-month leave, which was not entertained, and he was made Officer on Special Duty on Friday. CMs attitude was primarily an outcome of a senior officers incessant complaints and suggestions, who is at the fag end of his career, both as an officer and administrative secretary, opined the source, further pointing out that now this mans chosen person would be heading the Directorate General Public Relations. Earlier, there was a possibility that Wani could be retained in the province, but now this seems to be a far-fetched possibility, as he might unwilling too, observed the source. Wani was one of the seven officers, who were relieved of their duties by the Punjab government on March 26 - when space shrunk for Shahbazs men after the imposition of the Governor rule - but they remained in the province, and did not report to the Establishment Division, as they were 'directed from their ex-boss to stay put. Besides Fawad and Wani, those still working are: Javed Mahmood, Javaid Aslam, Muhammad Sami Saeed, Omer Rasul, Dr Muhammad Ajmal, and Dr Syed Tauqir Hussain Shah. Wani was the second District Management Group officer with cut-short stint as DGPR. The first was Dr Safdar Mahmood, who could survive for a few months only. Wani, who was promoted to Grade-19 on regular basis this year, was also given additional charge of the post of Secretary IC&YA Department twice, but his wish to become regular incumbent never materialised. He was posted as DGPR after revising the service rules, since some of his 'friends from Islamabad were making all-out efforts for his posting. For the DGPR, a few names are being considered. Atta Shams Baloch is said to be the front-runner for the slot, who is the senior most man from the Directorate. On Friday, he was attached to the Headquarters DGPR. The second one is an ex-officer of the Information Group Rai Riaz, who was press secretary of Nawaz Sharif, when the latter was premier. The third one is Director Home Publicity PID Islamabad Tahir Khushnood, but his posting seems to be a distant possibility owing to the reason that he is said to be 'well-settled in Islamabad. It will be a huge ask from the next DGPR as well considering the fact that Shahbaz Sharif is very demanding and is in habit of closely monitoring the media, especially the print, opined the source.