ISLAMABAD - People belonging to all walks of life here on Friday welcomed the verdict of Supreme Court scraping former dictator General (Retd) Musharrafs act of imposing emergency on Nov 3,2007. Besides lawyers community, general public gathered outside the apex courts building and waited for well over four hours in hot and humid weather for the verdict in the case, which would in the eyes of many would go a long way in serving the cause superior judiciary and public at large. Some even see it the defining moment in the countrys history and from now on the law of the land would prevail supreme and no usurper would dare to move against the Constitution and law of the land. The verdict came with the gentle shower, which added to the joy of the masses who were dancing on the tune of drumbeat and it seemed as if it was not the apex court but a place where people from different shade of life were engaged in festivities. People distributed sweets among each other and everybody was hugging and embracing each other over what they termed the verdict, which came as per the wishes of the whole nation. Number of women joined the festivities and took part in dance to express their satisfaction over the court decision. While dancing in front of court Nadia Raj said, We are celebrating victory as you know today court has decided that there is no one above the law and no authority to impose any so-called emergency in the country, now no one can violate our Constitution. Traders community, representatives of civil society, religious scholars, besides other hailed the court decision and termed it victory of people and tools for thriving democracy in the country. Lawyers were seeing more active while distributing sweets among general public. Students besides other also appreciated the decision and remained busy to greeting each other by sending SMS to enjoy victory of rule and law in the country. On the other hand, owners of bakeries at Aabpara Market, Super Market, F/10 Markaz, Karachi Company, Jinnah Super, not only enjoy verdict of the Supreme Court but also earned good income as they sold sweets more than normal days.