LAHORE - Editor-in-Chief The Nation and Chairman Nazria Pakistan Trust Majid Nizami has said that there could have been no Pakistan if there was no Madre Millat. She stood with the Quaid in all odds. He was addressing at the 116th birth anniversary of Madre Millat here at Aiwan-e-Karkunan Tehrik-e-Pakistan on Friday. A large number of students, people from all walks of life and Pakistan movement workers attended the ceremony. A birthday cake was also cut on the occasion. He said Madre Millat played vital role in the creation of Pakistan and later after the creation she rendered sacrifice for the democratic and welfare Pakistan and stood against a field martial at a time when nobody was ready to confront Filed Martial Ayub Khan. She apparently lost the election but she did not lose as she was made to loose the election. He said he met Madre Millat four times. Recalling upon his first meeting with Madre Millat Mr Nizami said, First he met when he was student in PU and called on her to request her to address the varsity students. She said, as the govt did not like her to talk publicly therefore her address would create problems for the organisers so she refused the plea. He said he met second time at Almuntazar and told her the Nawa-I-Waqt had been fully devoted for Mohtarma and it fully supported in presidential election. Later, she called him at a breakfast at Karachi, he added. He said Madre Millat was a courageous woman and girls should make her role model. Dr Javed Iqbal said Madre Millat stands as role model for Muslim women. It was due to precedent by her that Benazir, Khalida Zia and Hassina Wajid became prime ministers of their respective countries. He said our women should get professional education and stand on their own feet. Begum Mehnaz Rafi said that the name of Madre Millat is taken along with Allama Iqbal and Quaid-e-Azam. The Quaid always showed her his statement. She said Madre Millat not only performed household duties but also remain with Quaid in the struggle of Pakistan acievement.. Col (r) Salim Malik said that he was posted in Quetta during presidential elections in 1964. He came to know about rigging and he informed Madre Millat to this effect in Karachi. The Madre Millat exposed the rigging of Ayub Khan during her address in East Pakistan. CM Advisor Begum Zakia Shahnawaz said she was shocked on the so-called defeat of Madre Millat in the election. She said the best tribute to Madare Millat is to give education to girls. Dr Parveen Khan said that Quaid declared her as his shield.