ISLAMABAD - The government on Friday announced nominal reduction in prices of petroleum products besides increasing CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) prices in Sindh and Punjab while in other parts of the country it has gone down by a quarter of a rupee. According to notification that the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority issued late Friday night rather early Saturday morning the prices of the petroleum products have gone up by only Rs 1.44 to 1.77. These prices would be effective from August 1, 2009 till the end of the month. The Motor spirit went down by Rs 1.67 or nearly three per cent from Rs 62.13 a litre to Rs 60.46 per litter. Tariff for HOBC, according to the notification, went down by Rs1.77 per litre or 2.24 per cent. After this reduction, the new price for the HOBC would be Rs 77.01 a litre from Rs 78.78. Kerosene oil, the commoners fuel underwent the least reduction that was Rs1.44 or 2.42 per cent per litre. Now the Kerosene would be selling at Rs 57.91 per litre as against its previous price of Rs 59.35 per litre. The notification also cut the Light Diesel Oil price from Rs 54.94 per litre to Rs 53.27 a unit indicating reduction of Rs 1.67 only. Meanwhile, a separate OGRA notification changed the CNG prices in the country. According to the CNG notification, its prices in Sindh and Punjab excluding Potohar have been raised by 60 paisas per kilogram. The new prices shall be Rs48.54 per 1kg. In other parts of the country that also include Potohar and the twin cities CNG price has been reduced by 27 paisas per 1kg with the new prices Rs49.73 per 1 kg.