RAWALPINDI - The prices of kitchen items have gone up as the holy month of Ramazan is approaching fast while the city administration, responsible for stabilisation of commodities prices, has totally failed to control inflation. A market survey of prices by TheNation on Friday revealed the price flare up in onion, tomato, potato, other vegetables, fruits, rice, flour, poultry, meat, beef, egg, ghee, cooking oil, mash, moong, channa, masur and lobia pulses, red chilly, salt, sugar, tea, yogurt and fresh milk. The shopkeepers and vendors are looting poor consumers by selling out daily use items on high prices. The prices of all daily use items have been increased by Rs 5 to 6 and in some cases by Rs 12 to 18. Similarly, vegetables and fruit are being sold at almost double rates right under the nose of city administration. In the markets and bazaars of the city, beef is being sold at Rs 180 to Rs 200 per kg against its price of Rs 160 fixed by the city administration. Mutton is being sold at Rs 320 to 340 per kg against its fixed price of Rs 275 kg. Some consumers complained that the butchers were selling unhygienic and water-mixed beef and mutton to earn more profit but the authorities concerned had mum over the heinous crime. Moreover, channa pulse is being sold at Rs 62 per kg against its real price Rs 48 per kg fixed by city administration while mash pulse is being sold at Rs 145 instead of Rs 130 per kg (which is the real price), moong pulse at Rs 60 per kg against its fixed price Rs 56, masur pulse is being sold at Rs 140 per kg against its fixed rate Rs 130. The prices of other kitchen items including masalas have also increased up to 40 per cent as well. The rate of flour has risen by Rs 5 to Rs 6 per kg in the market while sugar, one of the most sought after kitchen item is being sold at Rs 54 to 56 per kg. The prices of chicken have also been surged. The ghee tin of 5 kg is being sold at Rs 680 in open market while 20 kg bag of baison is available at Rs 1,700. The fresh milk is being sold at Rs 50 to 55 per litre against Rs 40 fixed by city administration while fresh yogurt is being sold at Rs 65 to Rs 70 per kg. Meanwhile, 1 kg potato is available at Rs 40 to 55, onion at Rs 35 and tomato at Rs 40 to 50. Mangoes are being sold at the rate of Rs 50 to 60 per kg. Bananas are being sold at Rs 60 to 70 per dozen. Shabnam Begum, a house wife, told TheNation that the prices of essential commodities in the country are on fire while the PPP-led government could not materialise its pledges regarding facilitating the poor masses. She condemned the policies of PPP bigwigs and said, President Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gillani should tender their resignations from their offices in better interest of the poor masses of Pakistan Irshad Janjua, an MBA student, said that in civilised countries the essential commodities are provided to the people at reduced prices on the occasions of important festivals, but in Pakistan the cruel profiteers and hoarders are looting the poor consumers on the occasions of holy month of Ramazan and Eid, he added. A number of consumers demanded of city administration to ask special price magistrates to pay surprise visits to the markets and impose fine on profiteers. Commissioner of Rawalpindi Zahid Saeed and District Coordination Officer (DCO) Imdadullah Bosal, despite several attempts by this scribe, could not be contacted for their comments on the issue.