ISLAMABAD - Strict surveillance and monitoring system would prevent the militancy from resurgence once the operation is over, TheNation was told here on Friday. Authentic sources in the government departments and secret organisations, requesting anonymity, confided that the success of the military operation alone could not bring peace in the conflict zone and a comprehensive monitoring system based on strict check and vigilance on part of Pakistan Army in the areas that were known as strongholds of militants was vital for the peace to prevail. It would not be appropriate to assume that the said region has been completely purged from militants and the elimination of miscreants entirely hinges on military operation, the officials mentioned. They added that the success of military operation was partially proportional to the uprooting of Talibnisation, while the concrete steps in the post-operation scenario regarding the elimination of militancy were the key to long tem peace. The active involvement of Pakistan Army in monitoring the affected places on permanent basis and the creation of cantonment areas and military check posts would be significantly important in the post-operation period, opined the officials. The data provided by the UN suggests that almost 600,000 IDPs have returned to their homes while the number of displaced masses in the north-western Pakistan exceeds two million. In several media briefings, some senior governmental and UN officials have admitted to the fact that the registration of the said number of IDPs was an enormous and uphill task, yet equally important at the same time, for keeping track record of the IDPs through registration could be instrumental in determining whether the supporters of militants still existed. Sources expressed their concern over the possibility of the presence of active supporters of militants in the garb of IDPs. There is a strong possibility that the active supporters of militants sought shelter along with the other IDPs and they could create problems once they return, the officials argued while stressing upon the need to intensify the registration process to nab such elements. It is pertinent to mention here that NADRA has been assigned the task of registering the IDPs, which is working in collaboration with UN and international agencies to form an accurate and computerised record of the displaced people. Special focus on the transparency of the registration process could prove to be tremendous source of help for tracing the remains of militants besides keeping a constant vigil on them with the active involvement of the Army.