ISLAMABAD - The government has elevated status of the Executive Director of Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA), Tauqeer Nasir by appointing him as a new head of the gallery, TheNation has learnt. The PNCA was seeking a competent head after its former director general Naeem Tahir, who was appointed on one-year term contract had completed his tenure on July 27. Surprisingly, the post of DG, PNCA hardly remained vacant for a few days and Taugeer Nasir, Executive Director of PNCA and eminent TV artist has been appointed as its new DG for two years on contract basis. According to official source, the Ministry of Cultural was in process of hiring a capable person for the post who could perfectly run its administration. An official source within the Ministry, who wished not to be named, informed that a tug of war was in full swing for the lucrative slot. Former Director General Naeem Tahir, who had been given extension for several times, tried his level best to get another extension, however the government did not has give him more extension, he further said. It was also learnt that on July 15, 2009, the National Assembly Standing Committee on Culture recommended establishment of extension in service to PNCA Director General Naeem Tahir. According to details the committee lauded his services towards the projection and promotion of Pakistani culture at home and abroad and recommended that the ministry might continue Tahirs services by giving him extension. Source also informed that Tauqeer Nasir was also willing for the post of Director General. Finally, he maintained that the name of Tauqeer has been finalised as a new head of the gallery, and notification in this regard has also been issued. Unfortunately, the PNCA, an esteemed institution meant to foster performing and visual arts always suffered due to its administrative problems. Its bosses, especially Executive Directors, could not take their responsibilities for long time that resulted in mismanagement and forced the institution to run under severe troubles. An important platform for endorsement of visual and performing art has also failed to facilitate its employees and artist community, who often showed distressed about the attitude of the high-ups and pointed out lack of co-ordination among top officials and other employees. On the other side top officials of the PNCA often complained about internal politics of the institute.