WASHINGTON - Yusuf Buch, a former Pakistan Ambassador and a legendary Kashmiri voice, was honoured by the Kashmiri-American Council at an impressive ceremony for his life of courage, conviction and unwavering commitment to the rights of the oppressed people of Jammu and Kashmir. Buch, 85, is an inspirational figure for the people of Kashmir, having served in several high-profile positions including an aide to former Prime Minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and adviser to the UN Secretary General. A plaque was awarded to Buch at the ceremony which paid high tributes to him. 'Ambassador Buch has remained committed to the freedom of his homeland, Kashmir, and we are proud to have this living encyclopedia on Kashmir amongst us, Dr Fai said. Born in Srinagar, Buch along with few other promising youth, was exiled from the occupied State and pushed into Pakistan by Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah of the National Conference, who had taken over as the Emergency Administrator after Indian troops landed in Jammu and Kashmir for his political beliefs. 'His contribution to the Kashmir cause has been legendary ever since Kashmir dispute was brought to the United Nations by India. Working in tandem with most of the Pakistani representatives to the United Nations Security Council, he added vibrancy to the Kashmir cause, Dr Ghulam Nabi Fai, head of the Washington-based Kashmir-American Council said. Buch worked as Senior Adviser to the United Nations Secretary General for 20 years. For his brilliance he was recognised as one of important aides of Prime Minister Z.A. Bhutto. He also served as Special Assistant on Information to Z.A. Bhutto. He also served as Pakistan Ambassador to the Switzerland. Buch has extensively written on the issues of South Asia and Kashmir and is internationally known as authority on the issues related to Kashmir.