Clashes between supporters and protestors of Mr. Morsi continue in Cairo and Alexandria. More than 220 people killed and almost 4500 injured. Many of them were rushed to the nearest hospitals. People needing first aid were just wrapped in blankets and left on the side of the streets. Egypt has converted into a deadly country, “People are not shooting to wound, they are shooting to kill”, says a Brotherhood spokesman Gehad El-Haddad. More than 100 Morsi supporters barricaded themselves in the mosque which was later sealed by the police saying that they wanted to end the clashes. Why is this still happening? When will they stop fighting? Protestors against Morsi were fighting to bring him down and now supporters of Morsi are fighting to get him back.

Switching to an opposite system is definitely hard to accept, but never impossible.

This is quite normal that democratic decisions will always seems wrong if a country has only experienced autocratic decisions. Egyptian civilians should have given some time to Morsi when he became President. I believe that Morsi was doing well. All he needed was some time to prove him right. But unfortunately, the public decided really early and removed him from his seat. Dictatorship is never good for any country. I would like to ask the Egyptian people to think sensibly, look around and ask themselves, is this what they really want? What is happening now and what had happened if Mr. Morsi was on his seat?


Karachi, July 29.