It is an open secret that criminals, terrorists and their spies also operate in the garb of beggars and hawkers. Reportedly, on July 25, 2013, a government officer’s child, sleeping in a car parked outside a shop, in Lalkurti Bazaar, Rawalpindi Cantt was kidnapped, most probably by one of the beggars who swarm the shopping area. On July 27, 2013 at about 10:40am, a beggar suddenly opened the door of my son’s car, on the passenger side, while he had stopped at a signal on Mall Road opposite the AFIC, Rawalpindi Cantt, picked up his cell phone from the seat, and ran away. These two examples should give an idea of the crimes committed in the garb of beggars, who have access to shopping areas and houses.

I hope the concerned military and police authorities will kindly take cognizance of the aforesaid crimes for suitable remedial measures in compliance with the Cantonment Act and Rules which do not permit beggars and unlicensed petty hawkers in the cantonment area to the best of my knowledge.


Rawalpindi Cantt, July 27.