The situation in Egypt is most commented on these days with many comparing it to Pakistan. Some say that our rulers should learn a lesson from the coup and deliver, but that is not the right conclusion. Democracy in Cairo was only in its infancy when it was ousted and restrained from healing the effects of a long era of military dictatorship. The events that follow are grave; unarmed, peaceful protestors are being shot at, killed and ruthlessly suppressed, state media conceals the bloodshed, while United Nations and US, unsurprisingly, ask both sides to resolve the dispute. The lesson for Pakistan is that people must elect those practically believing in self-reliance and Islam, which is the only possible replacement to the failed, compromising liberal regimes that always sacrifice public sentiments to succumb to the superpower's pressure. The result on the global scale, is mass massacre, all in the Muslim states.


Karachi, July 28.